Growing up in the hustle-bustle of a traditional Indian kitchen
Jay grew up in a small town in Karnataka, in a traditional 'joint' family. She started cooking at the age of 12. She recalls with nostalgia the vivid scenes of the mud stoves, the fire wood and the associated rustic kitchen, that instilled in her the cooking passion.

Jay and her food business connection:
Jay pursued purely clerical career, but kept up her culinary passion. Life took a turn when Jay was exposed to the high-end restaurant-business in Chennai. Soon, Jay was deputed to manage a well-known eye hospital's cafeteria. She designed innovative menu which drew inspiration from traditional recipes, as well as many elements from other parts of the Indian sub-continent. All this using absolutely fresh ingredients and strictly no artificial ingredients such as MSG or food colorants.

Cooking for the 'Bharatmata'
Jay calls with exhiliration the time when she was invited to cook dinner with 'her own hands' for the then president of India, Sri K R Narayanan who was recovering from a cataract surgery. She was complimented  by saying that preparing food for the President of India, she has fed Bharatamata (Mother India).

Recipe for Daughter abroad & cooking classes:
Later, when one of her daughters went miles away to another country for studies, she was forced to type up her recipes & email them to her daughter. Besides, Jay also conducted cooking classes for young professionals/ office-goers and bride-to-bes. All this resulted in the habit of casual recipe collection in her computer. Recently, she wanted to give a constructive form to her recipes, by running a dedicated recipe blog.

Food presentation & photography:
Jay would like to focus on appealing food presentation and photography for her recipes. Here, Jay aims to type clear recipe instructions for scores of busy youngsters who look forward to create vegetarian recipes, without fuss at home.

Cuisines covered:
Jay focusses largely on recipes from Tamilnadu where she originates from and where she lives. Also, delicious recipes from Karnataka where she grew up savoring the ragi modhai and akki Rotis. Jay also tries many recipes from other parts of India inspired by many of the famous Indian chefs.