jay Ho Event

Dear passionate cooks & homemakers,
I have been searching for a theme to host events in my blog. I was listening to "Jai ho" Song from Slumdog M and was immediately inspired to make a "Jay Ho" event every month. (Well you got the pun ;)) Sing along "Aaja Aaja Jind Shamiyane Ke Tale, JaY HO" :)

For September-December 2010 the theme was "Jay Ho Brinjal"
Go here to check out the delicious brinjal entries

1. Recipes should contain any variety of brinjal/eggplant
2. Recipes should be vegetarian
3. Recipe post should carry jay ho badge+linking it to this page
4. Submitted by 15th of September

NOTE:  You can definitely use old entries, but just repost them in the respective month (say from now to September 15 :)), along with the event badge and linking

(Images: Your recipe picture will be downloaded from your blogpost & used for featuring in the roundup. The copyright of your recipe is all yours! :)) But, the enthusiasm and fun will be shared!

Jay Ho Badge

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