Tuesday, August 3, 2010

palpayasam recipe (Milk+rice pudding South Indian style)

Paal Payasam

Welcome to Jayz Kitchen. I am Jay and this is my vegetarian kitchen. This blog serves as my recipe diary where I write about my everyday cooking. Feel free to read more about this blog and my cooking philosophy here. I would like to start my first blogpost with a sweet dish. I remember my grandma preparing 'palpayasam' in those days with fresh cow's milk (freshly milked milk ;) ). I try to retain the nostalgia, by preparing payasam in a bronze pot which my mother gifted to me. Generally, the traditional recipe takes a long time to prepare. To quicken the procedure, I like to condense a portion of the milk used in the recipe, in another thick bottom vessel and then add it  to the main dish. (In my future recipe I will show the preparation of palpayasam using readymade condensed milk for office goers and busy homemakers). For auspicious occasions and festivals, I prefer to prepare different versions of the palpayasam with different ingredients and methods. I will post these in my future recipes. Today lets look at the traditional palpayasam recipe.

(tamil to English: pal-Milk, payasam-pudding)

Milk                 - 1 ½ liter
Raw Rice         - 8 tsp
Sugar   - ¾ glasses
Cashew nut
Jadikai (nutmeg) powder and pachai karpooram (edible camphor*) – (pinch)

(the recipe must be prepared in low flame)
1. Take a thick bottom vessel.
2. Roast the rice with ½ tsp ghee until golden brown.
3. Add double amount of water and a little milk. Allow to cook.
4. Now add milk (½ glass) till the rice is cooked. 
5. Gently smash the rice.
6. Add remaining milk in batches, until condensed.
7. Finally add sugar when the payasam reduces by ¾ of the volume.
8. Boil until the sugar dissolves and blends completely. 
9. Add roasted cashew nut, nutmeg and camphor

Relish your palpayasam!

Hope you liked this first post. Dont forget to leave your comments :)
Happy cooking,

*Thanks to Shanthi for the correct English name suggestion


  1. nice first start!
    Will be helpful if you give English names for the ingredients, whereever possible. For example I didnt know that jathikai referred to nutmeg :)

  2. Good one but change the camphor to "edible camphor"

  3. Hi Santhi,
    Thanks for your comments and bringing english translation to my notice. Please post your comments in my future recipes also.

  4. Hi Div,
    You are the first one to comment,thanks for your suggestions.

  5. Super jayanthi!! i use broken basmati for good aroma, it gets cooked easily. :)

  6. thanks paddu,already i prepared with basmati & Jeeragasamba rice, will post later in my blog..Jayanthi Sekar

  7. excellent work. i need aavaraikai akki roti recipe, Karanataka style.

  8. Thanks Soundari
    Akki Roti is in pipeline, will be posted soon,
    Jayanthi Sekar