Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Potato roast

potato roast

Today I made a simple, yet delicious potato kari/ potato roast to be eaten with rice and gravy or with chapatti bread. 

          POTATO ROAST:

Potato                          -           250 gm
Red chilli powder       -           1 tsp
Oil to fry
Salt to taste
Mustard seeds, curry leaves in a South Indian seasoning         

1. Boil the potato. Peel and cut into cubes.
2. Heat 8 tsps of oil and add the potato pieces. Roast on low flame. When it turns light golden brown in colour add salt and chilli powder.
3. Roast for few more minutes, add the mustard seed+curry leaves seasoning and serve hot.

1. Use a heavy-bottomed "kadai" to get a crispy crust
2. I used cooking sunflower oil here, which gives the best crust according to my son-in-law :)
3. After adding chilli powder, don't roast too much because chilli powder gets burned and the colour of the potatoes changes into a very dark brown.
4. If the oil accidently becomes too much, finally sprinkle 1tsp rice flour, just sauté one time and take out.


  1. Lovely crust on the potatoes, I roast poatotes on a non-stick flat pan,hoping that way the oil will be consumed somewhat less. I would love to pick the karuveppilai in your kari and have it...looks very beautifully done retaining a nice green.

  2. Thanks Lata. Plz follow my blog for more recipes.
    Jayanthi Sekar

  3. Thank you Srividhya. Do visit my blog for more recipes I am going to post regularly.

  4. Yummy..My mom does the same way.

  5. Lovely and simple curry. My kids love potato curry made this way. I tend to add lemon and sugar to my curry.

    Nice blog...will follow you. Please visit mine when you can:

  6. Nice presentation!!!Ananth's all time favourite.

  7. Hi Ammu
    Thank you, more receipes in pipeline, Happy Cooking! Jayanthi Sekar

  8. Hi Mini
    Thank you, more receipes to follow in my blog, shall visit you,Happy Cooking!

  9. HI paddu
    Glad, Ananth likes this with Roti to school lunch, Happy Cooking!Jayanthi Sekar