Sunday, March 13, 2011

stuffed brinjal roast + delicious Jay ho Brinjal event

Hello friends,
First of all a big thank you for sending so many entries for the jay ho Brinjal event!
I had been away from blogging due to some important happenings such as marriage of my daughter and a need to visit my mom etc., But then, I cant wait to share my new recipes with you all!
To start with, check this wonderful array of entries to the event:

Here is the whole list of all possible combos with eggplant. I hope you do enjoy them all!

Also for my part here is stuffed brinjal recipe :)

Enna kathirikai is a classical favorite in many homes in South India. This recipe takes a some extra effort to make, but the taste is worth the effort! This could be used for inside stuffing for  Roti roll also.


Small Brinjal - 500 gram
Sesame oil - 8 tsp
Mustard seed - ¼ tsp
Curry leaves few

Dry Roast the following and ground coarsely, add salt and it becomes curry powder for stuffing.

Toor dal - 1 tsp
Gram dal - 1 tsp
Urid dal - 2 tsp
Red chili - 8 to 10 pcs
Sesame seed - ½ tsp

1. Slice the brinjal into 4 pcs without  removing its cap.
2. Stuff the curry powder and keep aside.
3. Heat thick bottom kadai with 8 tsp sesame oil. 
4. Place the stuffed whole brinjal.
5. Sprinkle little water on top and cover with lid for uniform cooking.
6. After two minutes turn the brinjal other side without breaking.
7. Once the brinjal is finally cooked and roasted,  add remaining curry powder, pinch of salt  and  turmeric powder, 1tsp curd and curry leaves. 
8. Mix gently and serve as a side dish.

TIPS: Curry powder can be prepared and stored for stuffing in other vegetables also. 

We all love this recipe at home Try this and let us know how it was.

Happy cooking!


  1. Lovely stuffed aubergines. Looks delicious. unfortunately, I was not able to view the slideshow of the various entries.

  2. stuffed brinjals look delicious and very
    tempting :)